My journey to a recreation of a music cult classic.

Build by Pascal

The template of my future bass.

Here is one project that I was reluctant to try because I didn’t think that I had the level of workmanship in me to tackle it on.

So for more then 3 years I had that piece of wood that I bought from Stewmac sitting down in my basement, I guess I was passing in front of it everyday and everyday I was asking myself when are you gonna have the courage to start it up!!!

So last automn... I had enough... I couldn’t bear it anymore.... I’ve jump into the the most complicate (for me anyway) project I’ve done so far, so if you want, follow my journey into my first step into the art of guitar making.

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Topic: Gravy Sixty7: Building a P Bass.
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Jacques LeBrun says...
Beau travail, j'ai hâte de l'entendre en show
15th June 2016 1:35pm
Henry says...
Cool you built your own bass!!! Labor of love. Thanks for sharing.
10th June 2016 4:04pm
Pascal says...
Thanks for the kind comments, lots of hour was put into that project!
10th June 2016 4:51pm
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