Bluetooth page turner FS6.

Build by Pascal

My enclosure.

I did really love my first Bluetooth page turner but I didn't like the case so I opted to put the circuit into a BOSS FS6 switch...

So I found one on sale, open it up and...'s not passive, this pedal has a full blown pcb inside, I was really disapointed because in fact I was only interested in the case not really the switch itself, I tought that the size was perfect ( I have big feets...) and the look of it is awesome. So instead I took it all apart and draw the switch system in Fusion 360 and printed it with my Prusa MK2s.

Hard to see on the picture but there is 3 holes on the front that let pass the lights of the LED, red for on/off, blue for Bluetooth and yellow when you re-charge the battery.

I've used the same Feather as the previous page turner except I didn't used this time any shield with it.

Here is the wiring:

And a gut shot, I've fix the Feather, spst switch and battery clip with hot glue... messy yeah I know.

I didn't took the time to make a pcb for the switch as it is only the switch and resistor that goes under so I've mess around a bit to make it work properly and I've put some plastic spacer so that the switch pcb is staying tight in the case.

The program is the code from Adafruit that I modified to make a 2 button (next and previous) page turner.
Here is the code:

To use the software, open it with the Arduino IDE, make sure you have the drivers for the Feather Bluefruit and upload it as you would do with any Arduino board.

And here is the important part of the project, the 3D printed case, files are in STL format, enjoy!

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Topic: Gravy Sixty7: Bluetooth page turner FS6 style.
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Ricky says...
Nice design, this would be perfect, you know... when i have my hands full
19th July 2017 10:58am
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