Bluetooth page turner.

Build by Pascal

My enclosure.

Here’s a simple electronic/programming project.

I wanted to build myself a second bluetooth page turner, I play music and I use an iPad with ForScore app to read charts, so instead of swapping pages with my fingers, it comes in handy to do it with a footswitch. I was waiting for the Adafruit Bluefruit EZ-Key but (at the time I’m writing this) it is backorder for more then a year so instead I’ve opt for another option the Adafruit Feather Bluefruit LE, here are the pros and cons of each devices.

    -No programming to be done.
    -Solder 2 switch
    -Old Bluetooth technology
    -Heavy on battery consumption
    -Hard to connect to iPad
    -Very lite on battery consumption.
    -New BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology
    -Ultra fast connection to iPad
    -Easy to program with Arduino IDE
    -couple of parts to solder

So yeah if you have a EZ-Key laying around go for it but I have both and I would recommend you to use the Feather instead, connecting the EZ-Key is a little painful, steps are:

    -Turn it on
    -Enable Bluetooth on iPad
    -Goto to Bluetooth setting and remove previous EZ-Key instance to make it discover again.
    -After 10 seconds if not connected yet, press the link button on EZ-Key to restart the connection.
    -Make time 1min.
    With Feather...
    -Turn it on
    -Enable Bluetooth on iPad
    -done... total 5-10 sec... the choice is obvious.

Considering too that with my EZ-Key I was able to do 1 rehearsal, with the Feather I can do at least 2 rehearsal.

Here is the wiring:

The program is the code from Adafruit that I modified to make a 2 button (next and previous) page turner.
Here is the code:

To use the software, open it with the Arduino IDE, make sure you have the drivers for the Feather Bluefruit and upload it as you would do with any Arduino board.

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Topic: Gravy Sixty7: Bluetooth page turner.
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Ricky says...
Cool project buddy !

Did you manage to fit the battery inside the case ?
10th April 2017 7:04pm
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