Bluetooth Audio Boombox.

Build by Pascal

My Boombox.

I have new neighbors and I can’t judge their style of music (techno latino...didn’t knew about that style so far but now I’m really acquainted to) but the level they use is quite annoying, tough I must say they did turn down the level a bit, one of my neighbors surely ad to confront them about it but like pollution it is still layering down, just enough to annoyed me.

So as anyone could listen to music on the patio I’ve opted to make myself a Bluetooth BoomBox and the best part of it, with the new Kodi 7.0 you can stream the output to any Bluetooth device, so here’s my built.

First I must say it is not only influenced from but it’s entirely copied from that guy on YouTube.

Here is a BOM of my parts used:
1- XCSOURCE TDA7492P 50W+50W Wireless Bluetooth
1- TalentCell Rechargeable 12V DC Output Lithium Ion Battery
1- pair of salvaged Pioneer 4’’ TS-G1047 speakers
1- DC barrel jack female connector
1- 12DC switch with LED
1- USB extender cable
Pine wood to make the box

To calculate the size of my speaker I’ve used a software that I used to have on my Mac (MacSpeakerz) but since then they only support Windows I’ve upgraded (or downgrade in my case ;-) to the WinSpeakerz, this is a great software if you plan to construct speakers so you should consider buying it, you can easily change speakers, change the type of box and the size of it and it plot you automatically the bass response of the enclosure.... but with 4’’ speakers I guess you can’t go crazy about the low end...

So after compiling that and taking in consideration the volume lost by the battery pack I came up with a speaker box intern dimension of 20’’ Wide X 6,25’’ Height X 4’’ Deep. I had left over of pine wood so that’s what I used for that project, cut everything to dimension and glued it. I did even took the time to assemble a jointer jig because I didn’t want to buy other wood so I’ve glued a couple of scrap board to make the desired length.

On the back I’ve hot glued a DC barrel connector to recharge the battery, a DC switch to turn on the Bluetooth power amp and the USB extender cable to recharge any device.

And here some gut shots and the rest of the assembly.

On the left you can see the brass nails that control the switches on the amplifier board, play, back, next, vol up, vol down.

Almost ready to test, you can see the USB extender cable on the right plug into the battery pack and my hot glue job.

And here's the end result.


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